How many inspection reports have you received where the inspector states, "possible hail damage," "needs repair," or "end of useful life?"

This can kill a real estate transaction or at the very least prolong your closing and COST you money.

Sixteen-Point Roof Inspection

  1. Inspect roof for missing shingles
  2. Inspect for loose shingles
  3. Inspect for granular loss
  4. Inspect for hail damage
  5. Inspect for wind damage
  6. Inspect all flashing
  7. Inspect storm collars at pipes for proper seal
  8. Inspect all rubber boots for dry rot
  9. Inspect sky lights and chimney
  10. Inspect valleys for cracks and deterioration
  11. Inspect for soft spots on the roof, which can indicate rot
  12. Inspect attic vents for blockage
  13. Ensure adequate attic ventilation
  14. Inspect gutters and downspouts
  15. Inspect fascia boards
  16. Inspect soffit and soffit vents